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Sometimes called "the jewel of the Sierras," Lake Tahoe glistens on the shared border of Nevada and California in the majestic, powder-white Sierra Nevada Mountains, less than four hours from San Francisco.

At 22 miles long and 12 miles wide, the lake's shoreline measures 71 miles. Some mountains are two miles high! The real attraction of this "jewel," however, is its appeal to such a broad range of people. From gambling and entertainment to quiet romance to outdoor activities, Lake Tahoe has something for everyone: biking, camping, horseback riding, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, boating, parasailing and more.

When you exhaust the casinos at Tahoe, drive just 45 minutes to gamble in Reno! Call 1-800-AT-TAHOE to book rooms, shows, and attractions before you go.

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